Dr. Tracy Cook, B.Sc., ND.
Dr. Jessica Carfagnini, H.BA, ND.
Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, HBSc. ND.



Meet our Registered Massage Therapist

We are thrilled to welcome Jo’Lyn Field, Registered Massage Therapist to our Clinic’s team!

Jo’Lyn has over 18 years of experience as a highly qualified massage therapist so whether you’re dealing with headaches, chronic pain, recovering from a car accident or simply need a massage to reduce your stress - she’s here to help! (Ps. She offers massage therapy to pregnant women as well!)

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Online bookings

Great news! We now offer online booking for most of our appointments! Click here to book an appointment online or feel free to call the Clinic at 683-7287 if you have any questions.

What's new with the NDs?

In our profession there is so much to learn, especially as our scope expands in the province of Ontario. We can prescribe bio-identical hormone therapy for PMS and menopausal symptoms, and have access to dessicated thyroid - a very useful tool in managing Hypothyroidism. We can order a wide range of blood tests, including the IgG food sensitivity test which has helped many of our patients identify triggers for their digestive symptoms. We can also order a simple breath test for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) which medical research is now suggesting may be responsible for a great number of IBS cases. We continue to offer intravenous nutrient therapy to support patients with many different conditions and in conjunction with their conventional treatments. This includes high dose vitamin C for integrative cancer therapy and glutathione to support those with neurodegenerative diseases. Customized vitamin, mineral and amino acid blends are available to help to address fatigue, chronic infection, athletic recovery and more.

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Dr. Tracy Cook ND, Dr. Jessica Carfagnini ND and Dr. Jordan Sokoloski ND

Our Rates

Our rates for Naturopathic services as of October 1st 2018

90 minute adult intake appointment: $195
40 minute adult appointment $90
40 minute acupuncture appointment $80
20 minute adult appointment $60
40 minute Pediatric intake appointment $105
40 minute Pediatric follow-up $90
20 minute Pediatric follow-up $60

Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture Clinic will be integrated into the Naturopathic Clinic.

60 minute Initial acupuncture appointment (private treatment): $105
follow up acupuncture appointment in community acupuncture setting: $35

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Have a look at our first video about the Naturopathic approach to treating anxiety.

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In the the Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood

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