Child Intake

Child Intake

This is a first appointment for patients 14 years or younger to initiate Naturopathic treatment. Upon booking the appointment, you will receive an email confirmation and a link so you can fill out a health intake form for your child online. You also have the option of filling out an intake form on paper in person if you prefer.  When you arrive for your appointment, our friendly reception staff will greet you and invite you to sit in our comfortable waiting room.  During the appointment your Naturopathic Doctor will review your child’s health history, including symptoms, past diagnoses, current medications and natural supplements, allergies, diet/exercise/sleep habits and any past medical test results that you have. The ND will perform any relevant physical exams with your informed consent and the consent of your child and will then recommend a treatment plan.  The treatment plan may include lifestyle modifications such as a change in what your child normally eats or how often they exercise. It may also include nutrient or herbal prescriptions to address deficiencies and support your child’s functioning. The treatment plan is unique to your child based on their reported symptoms, health goals and lifestyle. NDs may also refer to other health care practitioners when appropriate.

Child Follow-up

This is a standard follow up visit for patients 14 years or younger who have already had a Child Intake appointment. During this appointment, your child’s progress with the treatment prescribed during any previous visits will be reviewed. Results of lab work or functional medicine testing may be discussed. This is also the appointment to book if you have a new concern to discuss with your Naturopathic Doctor and it has been less than 5 years since your previous visit. The information will be incorporated into your child’s ongoing treatment and an appropriate time for follow up and reassessment will be discussed.


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