Eczema? Hives? Mystery rash? Naturopathic medicine has options!

Red itchy rashes are a fairly common concern that brings patients of all ages to our Clinic.  We have seen very young babies with severe eczema and adults of all ages with hives, eczema, and other mystery rashes that no doctor has been able to accurately diagnose.  Anti-histamine medications and cortisone cream can be very helpful in a crisis – if they work.

However, it’s important to ask WHY did this itchy rash appear in the first place?  Depending on the case, we might explore IgG food sensitivities via testing.  These are delayed hypersensitivities and are quite different from frank allergies which are IgE mediated and occur instantly.  The most common IgG food intolerances include cow dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy and these develop over time. It’s hard to imagine that something that you’ve eaten almost daily for years could be the thing that your immune system is freaking out about!

From a Traditional Asian Medicine perspective, eczema and many other itchy rashes fall under the category of “damp heat” and it’s possible to balance this out with herbal formulas, and regular acupuncture treatments. Anything that is red and raised is considered “damp heat”.  This includes hives, some forms of eczema, and acne. You can also have “Blood heat” or “Blood deficiency” causing rashes, and some of our most successful cases have involved treating dry itchy rashes with herbal medicine.  One of the great benefits of this approach is that in many cases, the rash can be treated once and it never comes back.

Naturopathic Doctors are well equipped to get to the root cause and stop the itch so you can go back to sleeping well and living your life.

Dr. Jessica Carfagnini ND