Perimenopause course outline:
Week1: Fatigue and Sleep disturbances.
“Why can’t I sleep properly anymore?”
“I seem to be getting enough sleep, why am I always exhausted?”
We will cover the most common reasons that women are tired and strategies to address them. 
Week 2: Weight and healthy eating
“I’m eating and exercising the same way….and yet, I can’t lose this extra 15 pounds!”
“Everyone is talking about all these different diets…I’m not sure which one is the best one for me”
We will discuss the ketogenic diet, vegan diet, mediterranean diet, low-glycemic index eating, intermittent fasting and more.
Week 3: Mood changes and menstrual flow changes.
“Why am I so annoyed at everything and everyone?”
“Why is my period so heavy?”
We will discuss anxiety, depression and irritability.  Why these shifts in mood are more intense during perimenopause and what you can do about it.
Week 4:  Sex, libido and relationships.
“Sex isn’t fun anymore, it feels like a duty”
“Intercourse is painful….I think it’s vaginal dryness, what can I do?”
For this session we will be joined by local sex therapist Noémie Kyryluk.  You can find out more about her via her website and her informative Instagram feed @nmkpsychotherapy
Week 5:  lab testing and bio-identical hormones
This session will address the lab testing for hormones that is available via your MD and your ND. We will also compare and contrast conventional hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones and non-hormonal treatments for symptom relief.