Naturopathic Medicine can help you maintain good mental health!

Whether you are a High School, College, or University student, or you are a parent concerned about your child in elementary school, September can lead to anxiety. You are not alone. The most recent statistics indicate that about 25% of students experience significant anxiety and/or depression that specifically relates to school.


Ideally, students of all ages should enjoy school and have fun while learning. Naturopathic interventions can address anxiety, stress and sleep problems and set you up for a great school year.


A Naturopathic treatment plan for anxiety may include advice about:

nutrition: many people benefit from reducing caffeine and refined sugar, as well as getting support to keep their blood sugar balanced.

exercise: research has shown that regularly engaging in any kind of physical exercise reduces anxiety.

sleep: lack of restorative sleep can contribute to anxiety in a big way!  A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) can help you optimize your sleep routine.

Supplements: your ND can help determine a safe and effective supplement prescription for you that may include Vitamin D, B Complex, Magnesium, L-theanine, or herbal support that help calm the mind and body.



Regardless of what you’re struggling with, naturopathic medicine can help support your mood and get you back to a more joyful place.

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Most health care insurance plans cover the fees for naturopathic treatments and we now offer direct billing if your insurance company allows it.

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