Would you like to spend your winter holidays with fever and a box of tissues or out having fun and eating too much food? Now is the time to keep your immune system in top shape. Stock up your medicine cabinet with herbs for viral infections – cold and flu elixir, andrographis, echinacea, elderberry tea – so you have them on hand if you do come down with something. To try and avoid the viruses in the first place, remember that sugar will suppress your immune system and avoid it as much as possible! Even a teaspoon will make you more susceptible to catching things. Consult your naturopath about herbs such as change of season soup, codonopsis, reishi, chaga and the other mushrooms. Be mindful of the number of viruses in the air you are breathing – if your home and workplace have HEPA filtered air and you get outside as much as possible, you will be much better off. Plus, fresh air and exercise mean you are likely to sleep better which is also a good move to keep your immunity up. You can stack the odds in your favour for having a healthy and happy holiday!


~ Dr. Tracy Cook, N.D.