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fruitSchool has started and the days are getting cooler. Cold and flu season will be here soon! There are many ways you can protect yourself from viruses and keep your immune system strong. Washing your hands, getting enough sleep and eating a nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables are basic strategies for staying healthy.

Make an appointment with your ND to find out additional strategies to boost your immune system that are safe and effective for you personally!

Updates on services and seminars
Intravenous vitamin and mineral treatments
We are now offering intravenous vitamin and mineral treatments as complementary care for chronic infections, chronic fatigue, cancer and other conditions. Please call and set up a free 10 minute consultation with Dr. Carfagnini, ND to find out more.

acupunctureCedar Grove Community Acupuncture Clinic is conveniently located within the walls of Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic at 219 Algoma St. South
Cedar Grove is the first community acupuncture clinic in Thunder Bay, and offers acupuncture treatments in a comfortable group setting. You may wonder how this model works. Check out the website for all the details.
Patients have been telling us that they feel relaxed and rejuvenated after receiving acupuncture at Cedar Grove.

You can pay anywhere between $20 and $45, HST included, for an acupuncture treatment. All of the practitioners are NDs, so treatments are covered or subsidized by most extended healthcare plans. If you are interested in booking an appointment at Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture Clinic or would like to check the hours of operation, visit the website or call (807) 286-0118.

Free Seminars
Our Naturopathic Doctors offer FREE seminars on various health related issues! If you would like to schedule an interactive seminar for your workplace or community group, please get in touch with us. Common topics for these presentations include "What is Naturopathic Medicine?" "Taking Care of your Immune System" and "Managing Stress". We are always happy to address other health topics that may be of interest to your group as well.

Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic days of operation
Dr. Tracy Cook, ND: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Dr. Jessica Carfagnini, ND: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday (IVs available Monday and Thursday mornings)

Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, ND: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Trish Eaton, RMT: Monday through Friday.

For Your Health
Did you know...
Most extended health care benefits cover Naturopathic services?

Pain Management program
Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, ND has specialized training in treating pain of all kinds. His detailed assessment of each patient allows him to get to the root cause of the pain, while also addressing other health issues and their impact on the patient's lifestyle. His individualized treatment plans may include effective therapies such as acupuncture with electro-stimulation, diet and exercise modification, and/or a prescription of herbal or nutritional supplements. For more information about how Jordan can help you, please call the Clinic to book a free 10 minute consultation.

scaleHoping to lose a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight?
Avoid "fad" supplements and supposed "quick fixes". Research shows that regular exercise and healthy diet are the most important aspects of any weight loss plan. Low carb diets that are high in quality protein, healthy fats and green vegetables can be be very effective. Getting at least 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking is key. Food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances can affect weight too, so see your ND for an an individualized plan.

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Dr. Tracy Cook, B.Sc, ND.
Dr. Jessica Carfagnini, H.BA, ND.
Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, HBSc, ND.
Trish Eaton, RMT
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